Cover Your Irregular Shape Pergola with a Custom Canopy

There are square retractable awnings and there are rectangular retractable awnings and there are… well, more square and more rectangular retractable awnings. Then there is ShadeFX.

In case you didn’t know, ShadeFX is the only retractable awning system, ever, in the world… that can cover areas that are not rectangular or square. This is just one of many reasons we call ShadeFX ‘canopies’ to emphasize their differences with awnings. Because our single track operates the custom canopy from the middle, it allows the canopy either side of it to have sections cut out or chopped off or contoured to fit the shape of the deck or pergola.

The easiest and most common custom canopy for us to do is the cut-out ‘notch’. It is used to go around or avoid things like chimneys posts and even bay (or bow) windows. Browse this gallery to see a ‘notched’ corner-cut canopy protecting an outdoor bar.

The most common is the corner cut or the double corner cut. This happens over decks where the steps are in a 45 degree cut out in one of the corners. Sometimes the deck extends out and instead of having to 90 degree corners, both corners are cut off at 45 degrees (or whatever angle) for a more organic shape. Browse this gallery to see a two pergola setup with irregular shape canopies.

I could go on with all the different shapes we can do, but a picture in this case is worth a thousand words. Have a look below and see if any of these shapes make ShadeFX the right retractable canopy system for you.

custom canopy

Pergolas don’t have to be square or rectangular, and now the retractable canopy doesn’t have to be either. Choose any of the special shapes above and let your imagination go wild. There is one simple rule to follow: The canopy has to extend to the narrower point. With that in mind, design till your heart’s content. The premium for special cuts is approximately $3.00 sq/ft.

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