Toronto Landscaping challenged ShadeFX with the need to cover the greatest area possible for this pergola attached to a pool cabana in Toronto. Covering the rectangular area from the bar to the cabana was pretty straightforward. We extended the wings well beyond the widest point of the rafters to ensure the drip line was beyond the edge of the countertop. If you look carefully, you’ll see the stabilizers are inboard of the posts so the canopy wings are in contact with them from the back all the way to the front, which is well beyond the posts. Covering the area beyond the posts so people could sit at the bar protected from sun and rain, required the retractable awning to extend in a projection beyond the posts.

Normally this would be impossible, but the single track patented by ShadeFX works around the problem quite handily. By notching the canopy to a narrower section that is capable of passing between the posts, the canopy can extend as far as needed. We chose to extend the retractable awning to the end of the rafters, which fully covers those sitting at the bar. To achieve this, the canopy track (we call it a drive beam when it is motorized) cantilevers beyond its final mounting point. The drive beam is strong enough to cantilever up to four feet without support or span up to ten feet between support points.

Another consideration was the low clearance of the pergola above the serving window. We installed more canopy wings to reduce the canopy drop and keep the folded canopy above the top edge of the window and to avoid the light fixtures.

The fabric, Sunbrella Westfield Salsa, gives the space a warm and inviting atmosphere that comes at a premium. Striped fabrics are optional and in this case, worth every extra penny.