Community Living Modernized in Silicon Valley

Wrapping around the south end of San Francisco Bay, the communities collectively known as Silicon Valley serve as the global center for technology, innovation, and social media. The story of how the valley grew into the tech hub it is today depends on who you ask.

From humble beginnings as an agricultural and ranching community, to a major supplier of Silicon Chips, the valley has had many facelifts over the years. Today, it is home to tech conglomerates Apple, Alphabet Inc., and Facebook. This list could go on for days – Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Netflix, Oracle, Tesla, Intel, Visa, Yahoo . . .  you get the point.

With such a heavy eye over the tech industry, it’s often overlooked or hard to believe that Silicon Valley is as suburban as they come. Don’t believe it? Ask Google. Search results reveal that this region is known for its stellar schools, an abundance of medical centres and low crime – a great place to raise a family.

True to Silicon Valley culture, developers have been revolutionizing the housing industry in this area, focusing on enhancing the social aspects of apartment living and the way amenities are conceived, planned and designed. Most of their residents are young, tech-savvy individuals, committed to their careers. During any downtime these go-getters may have at home, they should have access to amenities that allow them to be active, entertain and socialize in one central location, offering immersive, authentic communal living.

With a push towards an increased offering of opportunities to socialize at home, developers have introduced versatile outdoor living spaces that promote these activities and by extension, residents’ overall well-being.

Activity Overload


The Biltmore Apartments Poolhouse Lounge

What is apartment living without spaces for its residents to keep active? These days everyone is concerned with their health and fitness in some shape or form. As a result, apartment communities are quickly adapting.

Fitness centres in-house are not a new amenity by a long shot. However, what is changing is the way they’re being used. It’s not enough to just have weights and exercise machines. Everything from tennis or basketball courts to full, complimentary yoga classes are becoming more common.

The Biltmore Apartments in Cupertino has a Kinetic Fitness Center which offers tech-based cardio and strength training to their residents. Prefer swimming? The complex also has a large saltwater swimming pool for early morning laps or a friendly game of Marco Polo.

If you must get out and about, Biltmore is just a brisk walk away from Apple, shopping, parks and over 100 restaurants. 

Relaxing Views


Montrose Apartments’ Rooftop Deck

Montrose Apartments in Mountain View offers a tranquil landscape to escape and explore. After working all week long, this peaceful environment will hit the spot.

Perched on the rooftop of the apartment complex, is a beautiful terrace with dynamite views of the valley in every direction. Home to fire pits and plenty of comfortable seating, the rooftop deck can double as an amazing event space.

After admiring the views, Montrose also has a pool and spa to help you and your neighbors melt into the weekend.

Fancy a game of ping pong?


Avalon Towers Outdoor Bar and Lounge

It’s not just college students who appreciate a common space to unwind with their fellow dwelling mates. Adults today enjoy time away from their screens and newer apartment amenities provide the space to do just that.

Avalon Towers on the Peninsula offers the perfect outdoor lounge area complete with game tables, lounge seating and a fireplace. Apartment complexes are focusing on adding more pool, card and ping pong tables to the communal areas.

These game rooms aren’t just spaces for renters to bring their guests, they are also the perfect place for tenants to gather and get to know each other.

Social butterfly


100 Moffett Apartments’ Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

This is one of the most important aspects of apartment living: socializing. Apartments are more than just a space to sleep between shifts.

You have the option of going outside your door and socializing with your neighbours. This is a great idea especially if you work from home. To meet this need, apartment complexes have designed more cross-functional areas, such as a bike-coffee bar room.

If these social areas are outdoors, even better. 100 Moffett Apartments, the embodiment of “California Cool”, has a Neighbor Lounge, outdoor BBQs and dining areas. Be it through a property-wide BBQ or over a game of Scrabble, residents can get to know their fellow neighbors.

As is the case with Silicon Valley, developers will continue to improve, adapt and modernize the way they design and build apartments now and in the future. Offering amenities that promote community living in an environment where it never truly existed.

What community activities did we miss? Comment below and let us know.