Case Study: Joia on Main

Patio season traditionally gives restaurants a significant boost in revenue during the warmer months. Yet, many are not prepared to maximize this revenue-generating opportunity year-round, especially during inclement weather.

Failing to embrace seasonal temperatures and closing patios earlier than needed could lead to businesses missing out on potential revenue. Furthermore, with the Covid-19 pandemic, patio service for many has become a primary source of revenue due to limitations of indoor dining capacity.

While laws and regulations differ by region, there are a few key pieces necessary in turning your restaurant patio into a dining destination that guests can enjoy all-year-round. Extending the seasonal life of your patio is an investment that will help you grow your company’s revenue for years to come.

Joia on Main

Joia Ristorante & Wine Bar has a rich history that began in Aurora in 1997. Owners Marco and Eugenio expanded the Italian fine dining experience to the heart of Newmarket with Joia on Main. Authentic to the core, the duo only offers the finest house-made Italian ingredients, flown directly from Italy.

Adding to its authenticity is the restaurant’s massive patio that boasts amazing views including the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons. With a few key additions, this spacious patio has transitioned from a summer hotspot to a warm winter hub.

Creating Overhead Coverage

Custom structures and retractable roofs were installed over the patio.

If you’re going to push the traditional weather boundaries for outdoor dining, overhead coverage is key. Customers wanting to eat outdoors may be willing to tolerate less than perfect temperatures but certainly not precipitation.

Most patios have some sort of umbrella coverage for sun protection. However, during the colder months, individual umbrellas will not suffice in keeping precipitation off of your outdoor dining area or staff.

ShadeFX customized three large connected structures complete with retractable roofs for Joia’s outdoor patio. The structures were powder coated black, complementing the restaurant’s exterior design and three 20’ x 18’ motorized retractable roofs were mounted above the rafters. The waterproof Serge Ferrari canopy fabric and gutters that line the outside edges, ensure proper rain management.

Adding the Heat

Commercial-grade heaters installed.

Heaters are another must-have for extending patio season during the colder months. It is imperative that customers are comfortable and kept warm while dining. Outdoor heating options are in no short supply. From freestanding and overhead wall-mounted variations to fireplaces and firepits, restaurateurs can choose the best solution to match their needs and style.

To ensure that their customers’ dining experience would be a pleasant one, the team at Joia installed overhead commercial-grade heaters. They went a step further and ripped up all of their existing pavers to install radiant floor heaters. Super-efficient to run and operate, the floor heaters add to the comfort factor on the patio, while simultaneously evaporating any dampness in the floor.

Return on Investment

The custom structures paired with retractable roofs and outdoor heaters allow Joia on Main to offer outdoor dining regardless of the weather.

“With the addition of the overhead coverage and heaters, we’ve been able to extend our patio season by nearly two months, on top of the days that would have been lost to rain through the summer!”

– Marco, Owner, Joia on Main

Joia invested around $140,000 weather-proofing their patio, including installation and engineering stamps. The patio is licensed to hold 130 seats. With current Covid-19 restrictions, their seating capacity is reduced to 50% or 65 seats. Despite the restrictions, Joia’s investment paid for itself the first season.

Inputs applied to our ROI calculator show that the additional 60 days provide approximately $210,600 in annual profit that would have been otherwise lost. That is a 50% return on investment for the first year, even with the seating limitations.

Investment                              $140,000
Patio Seats                              65 (at 50% capacity)
Revenue Per Seat                  $30 (estimate based on the menu)
Mark-Up                                  250% (conservative industry standard)
Table Turnover Rate              3 (based on opening times)
Extra Number of Days          60 (estimate by management)


Now completed, the new patio has fulfilled the restaurant’s needs for a useable outdoor dining area, offering open-air views during summer and complete coverage and comfort when cold or raining.

Mastering the art of extending patio season, Joia on Main can continue to serve their authentic Italian cuisine most of the year, while raking in the extra income.

Ready to extend your patio season? We can help.