Five Accessories to Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a patio or deck, any outdoor room can be turned into a space that reflects your own personal style and taste. Times have changed and homeowners are creating sophisticated outdoor spaces complete with stylish furniture, splashy fabrics, serene greenery, decorative artwork, and imaginative accessories. With summer right around the bend, now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space and make it your own.

Add your own flair by adding any of these five accessories to personalize your outdoor space.

Interiors by Maite Granda
Interiors by Maite Granda

Depending on your taste, you might choose modern aluminum, traditional wrought iron, charming wicker, or natural wood furniture. Keep in mind that furniture should be comfortable and durable as well as fashionable.

A popular new trend in outdoor furniture is mixing different materials for an eclectic look. You don’t need to purchase perfectly matched five-piece patio sets from big-box retailers anymore. Try combining different styles of furniture, mixing old pieces with new, or adding an interesting one-of-a-kind antique table. Decorating possibilities are endless; however, don’t go overboard. Outdoor furnishings should be fun, but don’t spoil your investment with a silly accent piece that doesn’t integrate with the rest of your furnishings. In addition, reserve bold splashes of color for cushions and accent pieces.

Another new trend is all-weather living room furniture, once a specialty item that can now be found everywhere including Pottery Barn and Home Depot. This sophisticated upholstered outdoor furniture is made to stand up to outdoor use. This can be a good choice if your budget allows and you want a classy, luxurious look.

Nicholas Rosaci Interiors
Nicholas Rosaci Interiors

There’s no better way to express your personality than with outdoor fabrics. A wide variety of exciting colors, patterns, and textures are available today to create a fresh look, add a burst of color, or soften a space. Best of all, the latest fabrics resist water, fading, and mildew.

Fabrics can not only be used for patio cushions but also for retractable shades and canopies, outdoor curtains, and accent pillows to add a punch of vibrant color.

If you want to create a timeless and sophisticated feel to your outdoor space, try using an assortment of textures and materials while staying in the same color scheme. Look for hues and patterns that complement colors already in your space.


Personalize Your Outdoor Space - Plants

Adding greenery and bursts of color with plants and flowers is another great way to personalize your space. For example, you can plant vines over your pergola for a sophisticated look or climbing white roses for a more romantic feel. A manicured garden accented with topiaries and framed with distinct edges provides a formal touch while pots filled with herbs, containers bursting with bright daisies, and hanging baskets offer a more casual, relaxed look. If eclectic is your style, express your creativity with unique planters such as old vintage dressers or even old tea kettles.

Carole Meyer
Carole Meyer

Whether you purchase wall art at a garden center, repurpose an interesting antique, or use your creative skills, decorative pieces add color, texture, visual interest, and a bit off whimsy to any outdoor space.

Artwork may include statues, sculptures, fountains, vintage birdhouses, unique planters, mosaics, wreaths, wind chimes, or even a vertical garden. Recycled objects such as an old window frame against a wall or an iron headboard used as a trellis can be transformed into charming focal points. Be creative and let your personality shine.

Accessories are the jewelry of any outdoor room. Dress up your space and add extra character with outdoor rugs, candles, pillows, throws, door mats, lanterns, clocks, and thermostats. Don’t forget your table settings. Express your personality with elegant or festive tablecloths, placemats, dinnerware, and glassware. Being creative can keep costs low while allowing you to place a personal stamp on your outdoor space. For example, add a vase of fresh cut flowers from your garden for a great centerpiece or add river pebbles or seashells from your family vacation to inspire good memories.

The best advice I can give for your outdoor space is to bring your own personality into the design and of course, have fun! You’ll enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor room and make guests feel right at home.

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