Pittsburgh Magazine Blushing Over Local Outdoor Spaces

The people of Pittsburgh, once the home to major steel manufacturing and Andy Warhol, are embracing their industrious and creative nature to design and build elaborate outdoor kitchens in many of the city’s beautiful neighbourhoods. The trend has quickly caught on and is most likely here to stay, a sentiment shared in the latest online edition of the Pittsburgh Magazine which claims that “nothing – not even relentless winter weather – is stopping [Pittsburgher] homeowners from joining the fun.”

ShadeFX Retractable Kitchen Cover-South Hills

To demonstrate the endless potential of outdoor spaces in the Pittsburgh climate, Brown Design Group’s award-winning design in the South Hills was featured as an example of Pittsburgh ingenuity. As a contributor to this project, members of the ShadeFX team could not help but swell up with pride to have our product featured in this beautiful design.

Much like the good folks at Brown Design Group, we are dedicated to extending outdoors living to folks across the continent. Our intention is to help grow the trend, one canopy at a time!