Finding Comfort in Outdoor Furniture Ideas

The gentle warmth of the sun on your skin, the birds singing in the trees, the smell of lavender—no wonder that simply stepping outside brightens our mood instantly. As homeowners come to value the outdoors as a way to relax and seek tranquillity in their hectic lives, backyards are being transformed into personal sanctuaries.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down as we prepare our outdoor living spaces for this summer season. This new appreciation of the outdoors has changed the way people look at their outdoor furniture. Homeowners not only want durable furniture that stands up to all kinds of weather but they also expect furniture that provides comfort and beauty. Sophisticated multifunctional patio furniture paired with stylish all-weather materials is the theme for the ideal outdoor space this year.

How can you incorporate some of this summer’s trends in your outdoor living space? Here are a few outdoor furniture ideas to get you started:

Duplicate the Comfort of Indoor Furniture
Summerour Architects
Summerour Architects

A standard wicker love seat with a couple of chairs is soooo last year. The new trend is to include all the creature comforts typically reserved for indoors to create an ideal outdoor living room. Think upholstered furniture with a softer feel and interesting fabrics that stand up to outdoor use. No longer a specialty item, all-weather upholstered outdoor living room furniture can be found in a variety of stores these days.

Outdoor sectionals and conversation sets are also more popular than ever. These pieces are perfect for large families or people who love to entertain. You can expect prices starting at around $1200 for these classic pieces. Outdoor day beds can provide a fresh look as an alternative to a hammock, providing the perfect place for lazy summer afternoon naps or perusing the latest summer blockbuster novel. Add stylish coffee and end tables, ottomans, televisions, throws, pillows, and rugs to complete the chic and inviting look.

Add Warmth and Ambience
Johnson Design Inc.
Johnson Design Inc.

Dining sets featuring gas-fueled pit tables for heat and glass rocks to provide color and dazzling light is a fun trend you may want to try this year.
In addition, traditional coffee tables are being replaced with fire pit tables offering comfort and warmth for those late night parties and stargazing on chilly evenings. These tables make great focal points, add ambience, and provide a charming place to roast marshmallows. Fire pit tables come in a wide range of styles to match any kind of décor.

Some families are even ditching the traditional outdoor dining set for chat height fire pits. These fire pit tables are a little taller than coffee tables and allow guests to pull up a club chair and dine.

Mix and Match
Mullin Landscape Associates, LLC
Mullin Landscape Associates, LLC

In the past, people tended to purchase matched sets of outdoor furniture. Although some homeowners still prefer a cohesive look, others are choosing a more adventurous route by mixing and matching different styles.

For example, pairing wrought iron chairs with a beautiful wooden table can achieve a sophisticated, unique look that adds visual interest. If you opt for this new trend, you might want to work with a designer to artfully mix styles that produce a unified look.

By incorporating some of these suggestions, you can create an up-to-date feel-good holiday vibe right outside your back door. As outdoor entertaining becomes an essential part of our lives and people want to spend more time in natural surroundings, these trends are no doubt here to stay.