When homeowners in Saratoga Springs, New York, needed a pergola with a retractable shade for their existing deck, they found ShadeFX. They had spent considerable time reviewing manufacturers and sellers of pergolas around the area. After browsing through our gallery of projects, they fell in love with our outdoor retractable shade structures, a complete solution that combines our commercial-grade aluminum structures with our retractable shades.

For this project, ShadeFX manufactured a 16′ x10′ attached aluminum structure and retractable canopy to match the aesthetic of the Saratoga Springs home. The structure was powder-coated in a Mahogany Brown, and Sunbrella Colonnade Juniper was chosen for the canopy fabric. Adding to the excitement, the DIY homeowners made it a road trip to personally pick up their solution and meet with the ShadeFX Service Team.

The installation involved some heavy lifting, but with the help of a few friends and family, the assembly went smoothly. Doug, the homeowner, expressed his satisfaction:

“We are very happy with the pergola and are now able to more easily and regularly enjoy being outside on our deck. We are able to leave the canopy deployed on the frequent breezy days and comfortably read and enjoy meals on the deck in the shade.”

Doug also commended the accuracy of the measurements and the fit of the posts and supporting threaded rods.

“Your product is great and you were great to work with. Thanks again for your help and your good work and that of your team.”

– Doug and Ruthie Karrel, Homeowners

ShadeFX’s retractable shade structure completely transformed the outdoor space into a comfortable and functional living area. The homeowners initially wanted the solution for sunshade but now enjoy the added benefit of being protected from the rain. They also like the ability to fully retract the canopy for a direct view of the sky and for a more open feel.

Looking to enhance your outdoor living experience? Contact ShadeFX today and let us help you create your perfect oasis.