When the weather is nice and favourable, most homeowners try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors. One ever-growing tradition is creating spaces in the backyard for cooking, dining and relaxing.

Homeowners in Maple, Ontario, have an impressive backyard with a large pool, lounge area, pool house housing a dining area, and an almost completed outdoor kitchen.

A permanent roof was erected over the kitchen with a cut-out over the dining portion. The homeowners wanted to have an actual open-air experience when dining outside. Unfortunately, the sun made the space utterly unusable during the day, prompting the homeowners to seek a versatile shade solution.

Desirous of an alternative that would give them the coverage they needed without sacrificing their alfresco space, the homeowners contacted ShadeFX for retractable shade.

To cover the 14.9” x 11.2” opened area, a 12’ x 16’ retractable rope canopy was specified for the space. Once ready, the ShadeFX team travelled to the Maple home to complete the installation. Since there was no way to mount that canopy to the existing structure, a flange-mounted track supporting beam supporting the roof was installed across the center.

The homeowners chose Sunbrella Slate fabric for the canopy, and the hardware was powder-coated black. The combination harmonizes with the structure’s black frame, giving the overall space a sleek look. Lunch is served alfresco style with a side order of shade when needed.  The canopy can be easily extended or retracted by pulling the rope loop anchored on the structure.

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