Modern backyard projects have adapted to the changing weather by including structures such as pergolas to extend outdoor living. Whether it be an open box frame or a traditional design, complementing it with retractable shade will ensure outdoor spaces are can be used without limitations.

A home in East York, Ontario called on a successful design and build company to wholly renovate their backyard with a modern twist. Captivated with the ideas of adding a swimming pool, pergola, unilock patio stone and landscape lighting, Pool Craft was the perfect company to complete the project.

Pool Craft designed and built a modern frame to extend the outdoor living space next to the pool.

ShadeFX customized and installed an 18’ x 14’ motorized retractable shade to complete the space. The Harbor-time Edge Putty fabric repels water on contact, providing rain protection. C-channel stabilizers allow the rain to drain towards the garden by elevating stabilizers higher than the other side.

Furthermore, ShadeFX provides a yearly service to remove and store away the shade fabric during the wintertime. Once spring returns, the team ventures back to East York to re-hang the canopy, extending outdoor living.

The combination of a pergola and retractable shade lengthens the time spent outdoors from the typical short summer window. With the press of a button, the retractable shade will extend to protect from the hot summer rays or retract when the sun shines just right.

Modern pergolas and retractable shades are a match made for outdoor living. Contact us today.