The heavenly hills of Brockway, Pennsylvania are the perfect setting for impressive homes with astonishing backyards. Surrounded by foliage, putting greens and pockets of intimate space, this backyard expresses the homeowner’s idea of an outdoor oasis.

The large home has an equally exciting outdoor patio fitted with three attached pergolas. The gracious patio extends off the back of the house, equipped with common spaces such as a kitchenette, bar and dining space complete with an outdoor tv and fireplace.

Desiring coverage for sun and rain protection, ShadeFX travelled to Brockway for a site assessment to gather measurements and assess the application. ShadeFX manufactured and installed three motorized retractable roofs using HarborTime Edge Beige Suede fabric for the pergolas. Each roof measures 18’ x 16’, covering a total area of 900 sq. ft.

The retractable roofs had to retract under the home’s roof overhang and above the top of the pergola rafters, requiring a narrow 7” profile. When retracted, the retractable roofs stack under the overhang, doubling as maintenance-free winter storage.

The luxury backyard is a perfect getaway for everyone, from golf fanatics to those who wish to catch the game on the outdoor tv. The common spaces underneath the pergolas are well protected in case the weather isn’t cooperating. The motorized retractable roofs allow the homeowners to easily control the amount of sunshine on the patio, or keep the space dry on rainy days.

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