Pergolas and arbors are used interchangeably to describe outdoor structures. Although both are considered garden structures, the overall appearances are very different. An arbor is a freestanding structure, typically arched and used as a ‘doorway’ to a garden, or to showcase a walkway. Whereas pergolas are built over a deck or patio as a partial shade cover with a flat, cross beamed roof.

This project showcases both structures, highlighting the differences. A white traditional pergola is built over a slab of concrete, while an arbor introduces the garden through its arched walkway and climbing vines.

Looking to add a retractable canopy to their pergola, homeowner Sheila LeClair reached out to ShadeFX. After realizing the close proximity to her home, Sheila and her family took a trip to the facility to see the product up close.

 “We built a new pergola in our sun-drenched back yard and realized that using it would be limited to times when the sun wasn’t beating down. After researching solutions on the internet, I was excited to find ShadeFX. Living close to the manufacturing facility, we decided to check things out in person. My experience has shown that the real thing doesn’t always match what is described on a website. I can attest to the fact that the reality surpassed what I was hoping to find. All our questions were answered by the professional and helpful staff. We could determine the product we wanted and the material that would suit our needs. We left that day with an order placed!

We now have our canopy installed and in use. Not only is the quality excellent, but the manual operation to open and close is extremely easy. We have another outdoor living “room”! We highly recommend ShadeFX.”

– Sheila LeClair

ShadeFX customized a 12’ x 12’ retractable canopy in a water repellent Harbortime ‘putty’ fabric. Sheila locally sourced installation for the canopy from Rising Sun Landscape Design.

Typically, ShadeFX customizes retractable canopies for outdoor structures such as pergolas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t customize a smaller version for an arbor.

Whether it’s a pergola, an arbor, a trellis or a gazebo, we can customize a retractable shade. Contact us today.