There’s a reason why Rhode Island is called ‘The playground of the rich’. It’s also the playground of Walpole Woodworkers where they literally have tens of thousands of projects installed over their 80 plus years in business. This is one of them from May 2012.

What an incredible setting for ShadeFX and the living space to be enjoyed underneath it. The canopy fabric is Sunbrella Toast which basks in the sun with an inviting golden tone. We advise customers to be aware of the effect of color on the atmosphere below the canopy. A warm gold, red, yellow, beige or tan can put a healthy glow on the complexion of those sitting under it. On the other hand, cooler greens, and blues along with their color wheel cousins purple and aqua, can have an undesirable effect on the appearance of you and your guest’s complexions. If the canopy is relatively high off the ground the effect can be diminished to nothing. But it is an aspect of color worth considering.

This setting is on the shore of Long Island Sound where the winds can be very strong. Fortunately, ShadeFX has the best wind resistance available in a retractable canopy system, which can be up to sustained 80mph winds when installed with captive stabilizers. This is an optional method of installation and should be considered when planning a canopy in an area of very high winds.
This installation does not have, nor need the captive stabilizers arrangement. As such, it is rated for 70 mph winds.