British Columbia’s coastal location serves up a very infamous rainy climate year-round. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and mountainous terrains, the Greater Vancouver area is one of Canada’s rainiest regions.

This magnificent family home in Langley sits on a high point with unhampered panoramic views of the North Shore mountains. The backyard is bursting with lush park-like landscaping spread amongst the property. Sprinkled between are two wooden pergolas; one over a hot tub and another defining the outdoor dining area.

Living on the west coast, we wanted canopies for our hot tub and dining area pergolas that could withstand the Vancouver-area rainy season. We liked the ShadeFX solution for its obvious quality materials and construction, and also for the range of drive mechanisms and fabric options. The design process was thorough, gave us confidence, and worked flawlessly. The canopies arrived on time, and the DIY installation went smoothly. When we required help to resolve an issue, the company went above and beyond our expectations in resolving it. Kevin from ShadeFX has been excellent to work with throughout the process. We would highly recommend ShadeFX.

– Phil Bates, Homeowner, Langley, British Columbia

ShadeFX customized a 12’ x 10’ water-repellent canopy for rain protection over the hot tub. A rope system is installed to avoid pulling the Harbor Time Edge Driftwood fabric across and over the spa with a handle. The rope loop is conveniently anchored to a pergola post, allowing the shade to easily extend and retract.

A second retractable canopy is manufactured for the alfresco dining space. The popular fabric choice is cut, welded, and seamlessly sewn into an 18’ x 14’ retractable shade. Similar to the hot tub, a motorized canopy allows the shade to open and close on demand without the need to stretch and reach across the dining table.

Whether they’re listening to the pattering of the rain from the hot tub or enjoying an intimate meal, the retractable canopies have elevated these homeowners’ outdoor lifestyle.

We offer manual, rope, and motorized retractable canopies to enhance your outdoor experience. Contact us today.