Perched on a hilltop in Glendale, California, the Frosts needed time to create a backyard indicative of Cali’s outdoor living lifestyle, while taking in the neighborhood’s astounding views.

Before any construction began, the Frosts knew that they wanted to incorporate shade over their pool deck area. They reached out to ShadeFX to start the process and hired local contractors, Decks LA Inc. to collaborate on the design.

The contractor built a custom, modern, sleek, and maintenance-free structure and deck along the outer edge of the backyard. The total area measured 52’ long by 12’ wide. To shade the entire space, ShadeFX specified four manual canopies – three 10’x10 and one 10’x14′ in a neutral Sunbrella Ally Dune fabric.

“Neal Franson was our contractor, and he built such a phenomenally sturdy, well built, PLUMB, beautiful and elegant deck and pergola that I cannot be more deeply satisfied and pleased!

In word, the ShadeFX shades are incredible! They are incredibly designed, and beautifully manufactured. I so appreciate looking at the seams in which the metal “wings” are made, the material, the track on which the shades slide, the attachment mechanism between the shades and the track, the stabilizers on both sides of the shades which will keep the shades hanging perfectly! WOW!

Scott and I and our family are going to enjoy our outdoor deck for years to come!”

– The Frosts, Homeowners

The four shades were installed on a single track, offering that modern, sleek look the homeowners were looking for. The entire process took almost two years, but in the end, these homeowners got the backyard of their dreams.

“David [ShadeFX Product Specialist], Thank YOU, especially, for hanging in there with me for almost 2 years while we decided what we wanted! I am so pleased that we chose ShadeFX. … I was quoted a price for these other shades which were about 60% less. The price was VERY attractive but we would have received a product which never rivaled the quality of ShadeFX.  Please express to your engineers and designers that their work is impeccable and greatly appreciated.

I will enjoy using our new deck and knowing that it was built by a master craftsman using expertise and skill and materials which only enhance our home and will give great joy and satisfaction will last for years to come.

Thank you, again.

– The Frosts, Homeowners

Whether the canopies are half-opened or closed, the homeowners have the flexibility to enjoy their outdoor pool deck and views as they desire.

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