Located in the Greater Yellowstone Region of Southwest Montana, Big Sky Resort is the ultimate escape for adventure-seekers. As the second biggest ski resort in the US, Big Sky is a year-round destination for big mountain skiing, with exceptional accommodations, fine dining, and meeting facilities.

During the summer, visitors can enjoy the great weather while zipping through the skies of Big Sky or hitting the trail with a reliable steed and seasoned wrangler. For those looking to hit the greens, the resort recently opened an award-winning, scenic 18-hole, par 72 golf course.

Debuting alongside the Big Sky Golf Course is the resort’s favourite summer restaurant, Bunker Deck & Grill. Open for brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, the new bar and grill serves up delicious eats paired with a side order of unparalleled views of the greens.

The new alfresco dining spot initially opened with table umbrellas but quickly discovered that a more robust weather solution was needed. This led them to ShadeFX. Following our exact measurements, the Big Sky team built a 42’x20’ structure over the outdoor eating area.

ShadeFX then manufactured three 20’x14’ retractable canopies to be mounted on the custom structure. Excellent for its UV resistance, the team chose the light but durable Arcade Basic Beige for the canopy fabric. Rain gutters were also installed between each unit, ensuring a completely weathertight solution.

The new 840 sq ft patio now offers captivating views that can be enjoyed no matter the weather. Golfers can take refuge from the sun or rain while they refuel after the big game. On cooler evenings, the canopies can be retracted for customers to dine underneath the clear ‘big sky’.

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