This Keg is a premium steakhouse restaurant that was already constructed when we were called to provide sun and rain protection for the large around-the-corner patio. Like most restaurant pergolas, the ambiance and space definition it provided was combined with a structure to support light fixtures and radiant heaters, making for a functional pergola that would not accommodate our standard underside canopy system. In addition, the restaurant wanted the rain drip lines to be outside the perimeter railing, so the canopy had to cover an area outside the posts. For these reasons, our topside canopy system was selected.

The area to cover was 64 feet across the front of the restaurant and another 25 feet around the corner and down the side, for a total of 1054 square feet. If you look carefully, you will see one of the canopies actually fits around the fireplace chimney.  This is a unique capability ShadeFX has because it uses the single track.

The installation uses four individually motorized topside canopy systems operating off one multi-channel remote control. Each canopy can be operated individually or all four canopies can be operated at once.