Starting an outdoor project may be a tedious challenge or an exciting endeavor. Whether it’s the simple task of nailing down a loose deck board or a more ambitious plan such as installing a brand-new patio, any DIYer will be up for the job. For homeowners in Ottawa, installing two retractable shades on a tiered pergola is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

“Installed two canopies on our pergola. The staff was excellent in providing construction and installation advice. The completed canopies were delivered on time and were a perfect fit. Excellent materials and well built, these stylish canopies have really upgraded our backyard.”

– Rob Zellerer, Homeowner 

The Zellerers reached out to ShadeFX inquiring about the addition of retractable shade for their back-deck project. The original concept included extending and retracting the shades away from the house. It was recommended by their product specialist to deploy the shades parallel with the house to better manage rain runoff.

With some research on drive options and fabric choices, the homeowners were ready for the next step.

ShadeFX customized two retractable shades for the wooden tiered pergolas. A Sunbrella Parchment colored fabric was cut, sewn, and welded into 14’ x 12’ and 16’ x 12’ manually operated canopies. For rain management, the homeowners mounted one 2×2” wooden angle guide higher than the other allowing the rain to drain away from the house. The angle guides apply tension to the shades, create deflection, and add stabilization.

First was the canopy concept, then the design and order, and finally, the homeowners aced the canopy installation. Now, they are enjoying more time on their back deck with the versatility of overhead protection and the satisfaction of a successful DIY project.

Designing and installing a pergola? Add a retractable shade in as little as three steps. Contact us today.