The Niagara Escarpment, Lake Ontario and the sloping plain between the escarpment and the lake make up the land area of Burlington. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers at heart. Between the waterfront trail, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Bronte Creek Provincial Park, there is plenty to explore.

Thanks to its weather, nature thrives in the city, with comfortable summers and cold, dry winters. Several species of flora and fauna usually found in southern climates have their only Canadian presence in Burlington, including paw-paw, green dragon and the rare eastern pipistrelle.

Like nature, Burlington’s residents also blossom, soaking in rays of sunlight to boost the body’s Vitamin D, while taking the necessary steps to avoid overexposure and its damaging effects.

With a beautifully renovated backyard, including the addition of an expansive wood grain paver patio, the Gibsons knew they needed to incorporate sun and rain protection into the space. After much research and some consultation, the homeowners decided that a ShadeFX retractable system would provide the multipurpose protection required over the dining and lounging area.

Initially, the plan was to cover both areas with one large 24’x16’ unit. However, after consultation with a ShadeFX Product Specialist, the Gibsons elected to go with a “Kissing Canopy” deployment, a technique that places two units on the same track. Installing two 12’x16’ manual retractable shade units, the homeowners have the flexibility to cover the dining and lounging area independent of each other, without compromising full coverage, if desired.

“We love it and enjoyed a lot of use out of it this summer.”

– The Gibsons

During the spring they can take cover from the April showers and during the summer they can open up their shades and let the sun shine through to their living or dining room, it’s up to them. Also, with their new “kissing canopies”, these homeowners can select which space they want to use, regardless of weather conditions.

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