Creating the perfect outdoor living space can take time, attention to detail, and patience. Homeowners in the Willdowdale neighborhood of North York designed a beautifully landscaped backyard complete with spaces for cooking, dining, and lounging.

A pavilion with an attached pergola was built over the space where the family spends most of their days. Underneath, the new outdoor living room benefits from the permanent roof, while the dining space suffers from minimal coverage.

The alfresco spot was unusable whether it was hot and sunny or rainy. The homeowners were in dire need of a shade solution that would give them the flexibility of having open skies or coverage when needed.

After reaching out to ShadeFX, our Service Team traveled to the Willowdale home to assess the space and the existing structure. A 12’x12’ double manual retractable canopy in a Sunbrella Natural fabric was manufactured and installed over the dining area. Since the pergola was under 8’ tall, extra wings were added to reduce the canopy drop when the system is retracted.

Rain or sun is no longer a hindrance for this family when dining outdoors. The double-manual system allows the homeowners to retract the canopy at either end of the pergola. They can position the canopy anywhere along the track from either end should they only want the shade partially opened and closed simultaneously.

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