Stretching more than 30 miles along the Pacific and Highway One, Malibu has achieved almost mythological status among California beach towns. A-list celebrities live in oceanfront homes under an elegant veil of privacy on long strands of beach, enjoying front row seats unforgettable sunsets.

Living in Malibu offers residents a suburban feel with quick access to calming waters. With an average of 281 sunny days per year, this small city is the perfect place for outdoor living. While some residents have purchased single-family homes, others prefer the perks of owning a condominium.

Many Malibu condos have amenities such as beach access, swimming pools, landscaping services and included utilities. Similar to this project, some condos are furnished with private outdoor/indoor spaces.

Intended for end of day relaxation, the owners outfitted their 140 sq. ft. courtyard with couches and a modern fire pit. However, rainy days rendered the space unusable. To combat this, homeowner Robert Brauer contacted ShadeFX.

A 14’x10’ motorized retractable shade was the chosen option. ShadeFX provided a track supporting beam with flanges, spanning the length of the room to support the canopy. Rain gutters were specified for optimal rain management. The system was designed to drain rain water from the gutter into the existing downspouts. Front and rear flashing was added after the canopy was installed to create a watertight seal.

“I had an excellent experience with this company. From the design to installation, the service was outstanding. The final product is beautiful, and it operates flawlessly. Five stars!”

– Robert Brauer

A modern Champagne colour was chosen for the canopy in the fire-retardant Ferrari fabric and the system was powder-coated beige to match the residence’s colour scheme.

With the addition of the Somfy MyLink, the homeowners could extend or retract their shade via a smartphone app. Now, whether at home or out relaxing on the beach, the retractable shade could be controlled with ease.

All of our retractable shade solutions are customized to fit your unique space. Let’s get started on your project.