Living close to the waters of Lake Huron in the community of Kincardine, these homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors. They have a modest 13’ x 13’ paved patio at the front of their house that has become their favourite spot to hang out.

In need of coverage for that space, the homeowners hired a local contractor to build a custom pergola. Due to their proximity to the water, there is always a constant breeze coming in. With unpredictable windy conditions being the main concern, they required a shade solution that could withstand the gusts.

By design, ShadeFX retractable shade solutions are engineered and tested to withstand winds of up to 80+ mph. After a consultation with our Product Specialist, a 12’ x 10’ retractable shade in a Sunbrella Smoke Solid fabric was manufactured to fit the pergola. Extra wings were added to help reduce noise from the canopies flapping from the wind.

“We love it! Overall, the area looks great. We have already spent copious amounts of time under it.

We had a Canadian Tire canopy a few years ago. A four poster with a fixed canopy that went over top. We had a big windstorm one evening and the pergola was lifted off our deck and tossed to the ground, writing the whole thing off. We wanted a nice shady spot to sit under, but we wanted the ability to take the canopy up and down easy to avoid the wind issue again. That was when we found ShadeFX. Your retractable canopy was the perfect solution for us.

The ability to retract the canopy paid immediate dividends. The afternoon we installed it, we had rather large storm roll through. While the wind and rain raged outside, we took comfort knowing our investment was safe.”

– Rich, Homeowner

ShadeFX’s patented single track system ensures that the rope-operated canopy smoothly extends and retracts with no jamming or binding of its movements. When the homeowners are ready to take part in their favourite pastime, they can easily operate the shade for optimal protection no matter the weather forecast.

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