Investing in a retractable shade solution naturally comes with uncertainties. Purchasers need to be reassured that the product performs to their expectation, or better. They need to be confident that if problems arise, the company will be there to back their product.

“WOW. You guys are amazing! Your customer service and how you stand behind your product in this day and age is remarkable, and other companies should take a lesson from you!”

Whether the product is purchased through a third party or factory direct, having a positive customer service experience with a ShadeFX representative is key in making sure all buyers are satisfied.

For this Homeowner in New Jersey, their retractable canopy had several pieces damaged as a result of an early snowfall.

“I had a ShadeFX retractable canopy that I bought several years ago through a reseller. I was always happy with the product and had no issues with it. This fall, an early snowfall (before we had stored the canopy for the winter), took down the canopy and broke off some parts.

I first contacted the reseller I bought it from to see if it could be fixed. The reseller had no interest in helping me to fix the unit, and without even looking at the canopy, would only give me a price on a completely new unit for almost $10,000!

It was then that I looked into it, and I realized the manufacturer of this canopy was ShadeFX. I contacted their customer service department directly to try to buy some of the broken parts – I was set on repairing this canopy ourselves, thinking that was my only other option.”

When the homeowner encountered a problem with the reseller, they reached out directly to ShadeFX. Through a series of photos, phone calls, and e-mails, the service team proposed different options to get the job done and within budget.

“Immediately, from my first call to ShadeFX, I got to speak to a real person! And Ryan was just great. He asked me a ton of questions about the damage to my canopy and had me send him pictures. He wanted to make sure that buying those replacement parts were really going to fix the canopy. He worked with me through several iterations of pictures and questions to understand exactly what was needed, and he came back with several different options for me to choose from, everything from just the parts to a whole new canopy, and in between.

In the end, Ryan and the team gave me an excellent price to replace the canopy, in an effort to make up for the frustration and poor experience I had with their reseller. They took responsibility for that experience and really tried to make it right.”

ShadeFX customized a 22’ x 18’ motorized retractable canopy with all system components painted white, getting the shade ready just in time.

“But I also needed this canopy for a big garden party I was having in just a few weeks! Ryan and the team said they were confident they could rush the order and get it ready for our big day. And they did! The canopy arrived a few days before the party and looked and worked just beautifully!

I am so pleased with my experience with ShadeFX that I just had to write you and thank you for all of it. I don’t know if there are companies anymore that stand by their product like this or provide this level of commitment to customer service. You guys are really a standout company! I will definitely purchase only ShadeFX canopies going forward – you have a lifelong customer in me! And you have restored my faith in what a business can be.

Thanks to you and the team for all of your help with my project, and congratulations on operating what is really an exceptional company.”

– DeBorah Brill

The Harbor-Time Edge Driftwood fabric protects the party-goers, while ShadeFX’s service department protects the customer experience.

Start your project with a company that backs their product and speak to a real person. Contact us today.