The historic Peter Miller Hotel in Miami Beach is the new home for Lennox Hotel’s third location and the first in the U.S. The upscale boutique preserves the building’s original art deco exterior and combines an elegant Mediterranean style with a contemporary design for a uniquely modern hotel.

Originally purchased in 2010, the Lennox Hotel Miami Beach has been in the works for years. ShadeFX became part of the project in early 2017, appointed to add retractable shade for three main sections: the pool bar, the pool trellis, and the outdoor dining space.

The Challenge

Receiving authorization from both the historic board and the Miami Dade County building code, while working with a fixed budget resulted in multiple design proposals. All exterior modifications required approval which included maximum frame height for the restaurant, a woven, fire retardant & water repellent fabric, all while complying with Miami Dade’s stringent wind requirements.

After finalizing and complying with all codes, ShadeFX traveled to the much-anticipated project ensuring a smooth  installation.

The Pool Bar & Trellis

A Mediterranean style courtyard is found in the heart of the Lennox Hotel. Guests can lounge poolside while sipping creative cocktails or indulge in small delectable plates. Defining the pool bar is a large wooden pergola. ShadeFX customized an 18’ x 14’ retractable roof to protect both guests and staff from the balmy weather. 

Located on the opposite end of the pergola is a large pool trellis and walkway. ShadeFX manufactured eight retractable canopies, mixed with manual and motor drives, and included gutters for rain management. The Sunbrella Firesist canopies cover nearly 1,000 sq. ft of intimate space.

The Restaurant

Looking out onto 19th street is the hotel’s signature restaurant with outdoor seating. Complying with the historic board, the maximum height of the restaurant frame beams is 8”. As a result, four retractable roofs are mounted in between 8” high I-beams, providing over 400 sq. ft. of coverage. Blending nature into the design and creating a green space, bamboo sticks are strategically placed below the retractable roofs, along with string lighting and hanging planter baskets. Moss covered walls and wooden furniture complete the sustainable space.

Effectively moving the project forward was a resilient task for general contractor Frank Perez. Representing himself and Entek Construction, the project thoroughly showed his commitment to client satisfaction by overcoming very complex requirements. Pride is found in his extensive experience and his ability to coordinate all aspects of the design and build process.

“I started working with ShadeFX in January of 2017. The project was in South Beach where the local historical board and the Dade County building code combine to make what may be the most complicated set of rules a general contractor can face.

From our first contact to the last screw on a turnkey project involving 5 retractable roofs and 8 retractable canopies, the team at ShadeFX was always positive, helpful, and constructive. On dozens of occasions, they revised, changed and requoted the project as needed to navigate the demands of the local authorities.

The final result is fantastic and would not have been possible without the total commitment of ShadeFX to achieve the result we envisioned for our outdoor spaces.

I highly recommend ShadeFX, for any large commercial project, that requires extraordinary levels of expertise and professionalism to achieve a technically complicated and aesthetically demanding result.”

– Frank Perez, Vice President, Entek Construction, FL

Finally overcoming the many challenges, Lennox Hotel Miami Beach officially opened its doors on August 1st, 2019. Here, luxury comes standard and guests can enjoy an authentic Miami Beach experience. Travelers can indulge in the Lennox Hotel signature comforts and relax in lush accommodations.

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