ShadeFX’s mission is to bring comfort and style to outdoor living spaces. Each solution is customized and adapted to fit every unique project ensuring that homeowners get maximum use out of their spaces.

International Landscaping Inc believes in designing outdoor spaces to fit their customers’ lifestyles and teamed up with ShadeFX for another outstanding backyard renovation.

Homeowners in Toronto desired to take full advantage of their outdoor area and enlisted the services of International Landscaping to complete their renovations.

A grey wooden deck was built off the back of the house, carving out a beautiful space for a cozy kitchen nook. ShadeFX specified a 12’x8’ freestanding canopy in a Sunbrella Cadet Grey fabric to protect the cooking area from the sun’s heat. The two-post structure was built to the height of 9ft and powder-coated Graphite Grey to match the overall aesthetic of the yard.

The raised deck and outdoor structure separate the outdoor kitchen from the other spaces, making the completed area a key space in the backyard.

Adding the freestanding retractable canopy over the new cooking area ensures the chef is shaded from the sun’s harsh rays. On cooler days, the canopy can easily be retracted from either end of the structure and stopped at any position along the track for full or partial open skies.

Optimize your outdoor kitchen by adding reliable shade. Let’s get started.