These homeowners have foregone the cottage, saved the time in the car, and now come home to a backyard oasis like no other. It’s called the ‘Staycation’ and it’s catching on in the larger urban centers as the way to make the most of your weekends.

Each of these canopies measures 16’ long by 12’ wide with one covering the outdoor kitchen and the other covering the dining area. The windows are facing southeast, so the valuable morning sunlight in the house is not blocked when the canopies are retracted.

ShadeFX adds comfort and style to both pergolas, allowing for outdoor living with style and comfort regardless of the weather. With the pool making up for a lake, the Staycation is a great way to go!

It was a rainy day when we took these pictures (notice the water rivulets in the folds and how they run off the side).