The Spoke Club is the gathering spot for Toronto’s creative elite. TV and movie producers, actors, writers, and artists make up a good part of the membership. It’s snuggled in the core of the city among tall buildings and loft conversions (it is one itself) and the rooftop terrace is an integral part of the club’s attraction. Unfortunately, it was inhospitable from June to September.

The club looked at a number of awning options but none were suitable for the high winds, nor would they fit into the ambiance of the framed lattices already in place.

ShadeFX proposed an open frame be attached to the existing steel structure along with a couple of canopies arranged to drain into a gutter between them. In this arrangement, servers would not have to dodge drip lines as they entered or exited the area under the canopies when it was raining.

Rooftop structures are serious business.  There were a number of challenges the subcontractor AWE was able to overcome. Most prominent among them was anchoring the new posts to the roof.  With the building drawings and a commercial roofing consultant, a solution was proposed to the building engineer for sign off.

The results have changed the rooftop terrace lunch servings from an empty gathering too hot to touch tables and chairs, to an oasis of packed activity.

Note the canopies are tilted toward the gap between them. It is hard to see but there is a gutter that collects all the runoff and shunts it to a downspout at the middle post by the railing.

ShadeFX is proud to provide The Spoke Club’s famous (and almost famous) clientele with the finest in style and comfort on their rooftop terrace.