This project in the heavenly hills of Pennsylvania is one we are particularly proud of. Obviously, the home and the setting are impressive. Less obvious is the fact that this is one of the most perfectly integrated installations we have done.

There are a number of factors that were considered to make an area totalling 53’X17’ covered and rain protected with integrated runoff collection. All this with gutters/troughs that are practically invisible, and a super low profile installation of three topside canopies that retract under a roof overhand that is only 7” above the top of the pergola rafters.

Ultimately, these technicalities are forgotten and the homeowner enjoys sun and rain protection at the push of a button. For those of you interested in the technicalities, allow me to elaborate.

The large beams extending out from the house have a six-inch gap between them. This is where we fabricated and press-fitted the rain collection troughs which reside in the gap between the beams. They are pitched to drain to the front and overlap in a shingled arrangement so there are no seals required in the seams.

The canopy stabilizers are fabricated on “bridges” that span the gap between the beams so the canopy edges line up above the rain collection troughs. The bridges had to be fabricated to drain into the troughs as well.

Finally, the canopy mechanism is about 7” tall, so we had the top of the rafter that our track mounted to reduced by one inch. This gave us the clearance to allow the retracted canopies to go under the roof overhang for practically invisible storage and totally maintenance free winter protection.

These technicalities are examples of our ability at ShadeFX to solve complicated problems with simple solutions. Our custom solutions extend far beyond a custom size or shape canopy system. If you have a challenging requirement, contact one of our project specialists here.