On the ice, Wayne Gretzky was a leading goal scorer, all-star and champion. Off it, he was a coach, owner and hall of famer. At 99 Blue Jays Way, this legend continues to grow.

Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto Sports Bar and Oasis Rooftop Patio, at the center of Toronto’s sports fandom, is a local destination for fans, diners and patio-seekers. The Oasis Rooftop Patio in particular, has become a summer refuge for city-dwellers looking to ‘chill-out’.

One problem. More often than not, city heat, blazing sun and inclement weather on the rooftop patio proved to be too much to handle for casual comfort.

So, in an effort to turn this rooftop patio into a “Great One”, the management at Wayne Gretzky’s turned to ShadeFX. Despite our excitement, we kept our stick on the ice, quickly developing an innovative solution that would provide sun coverage and protection for the windy rooftop location, and just like #99, we did it with a bit of flair and style.

We outfitted the rooftop, which covered more than 1500 square feet of outdoor dining space, with seven manually operated canopies. The canopies, made of waterproof and fire resistant material (Weblon), covered the entire space to the inch, ensuring that nothing could get through, not even a Gretzky wrister.

So, here’s to # 99’s Oasis Rooftop Patio, now officially, ‘the coolest place on earth’.