Planning an Outdoor Space: Climate Control

Whether you’re planning for a simple patio area or an elaborate outdoor kitchen, it pays to keep the climate in mind when designing and constructing an outdoor living space. Working with the natural climate ensures that your space will be comfortable and enjoyable all year round.

In addition, protection against the elements is important if you want to prolong the life of your patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, and accessories. Water, sun, and snow can be destructive elements in an outdoor living space. Although quality furniture is usually constructed with durable, weather resistant materials, harsh weather and damaging sun rays can still cause damage over time.

Here are a few design concepts to help you create a relaxing and comfy outdoor room, perfect for the climate where you live:

Planning an Outdoor Space for Colder Climates

If you live in a colder climate, situate the potential space on the south side of your home or in an open area to avoid a completely shaded area. Surround the space with deciduous trees to provide ample shade during summer months. In the fall and winter, once the leaves have fallen off their branches, the suns warmth will continue to shine down on the area.  If you want plan to include a fireplace and electrical outlets for outdoor space heaters to provide warmth during the chillier seasons.

Tips for Warmer Climates

For those fortunate enough to live in mild year-round climates, outdoor living spaces should be a natural extension of your lifestyle. Create shaded areas for comfort and UV protection during hot summer months with a well-placed trellis or pergola. Add ceiling fans and/or misters for additional comfort. A retractable canopy can be extended or retracted depending upon how much sun exposure you wish to have. In the blistering heat, shade provided by a retractable canopy will always save the day.

Prepare for Windy Days

Try to have a general understanding of the typical directions and wind patterns that exist in your geographical region. Consider planting trees and bushes to lessen the impact of prevailing winds. You should also consider outdoor curtains as a stylish and functional way to provide additional protection.

Add Versatility for Changing Weather

In order to get the most out of your outdoor space, rain or shine, consider a retractable shade to allow sun into the space during colder days and blockage for when the weather is hot.

A four season retractable roof is another option easily adaptable to any climate by offering protection from tough weather conditions and damaging UV rays. These roofs are also ideal for restaurants to maximize capacity and provide year round outdoor dining.

Outdoor living today involves a space that can be used year round, even in colder climates. Keep these tips in mind and you can create an outdoor room that extends your season of al fresco living—wherever you live.