Choosing a Retractable Awning: Welcome to the ‘Awning’ of a New Age

Back in 1993, my family and I decided to invest in an awning for our deck. Choosing a retractable awning was a decision that changed the way we lived and how we enjoyed the outdoors. From early April to late October (I live in Canada eh), our 8-foot wide patio door was open was from sunrise to sunset. This afforded us the luxury and pleasure of a cool breeze and the sounds of local wildlife. In the perfect months of June and September, a gentle breeze had the freedom to move through the house, reminiscent of a cottage beyond the city borders.

Our barbeque, on the lower level, was always burning. As a family, when we sat down to eat, it was always outside. Regardless of the weather, our parties (mostly for the kids) were outside (mostly for Mom and Dad). Because of our canopy, we avoided the need for sunscreen, defined our outdoor space and never had to write ‘weather permitting’ on an invite. Until the Canadian winter rolled in, our outdoor room was the focal point of our home.

It’s a lifestyle I’ll never forget and it’s why I’m in the awning business.

Most awnings attach to the wall of a house, creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces of the home.  The beauty of this is that it affords a two way street, so to speak. An outdoor room, adjacent to the interior, creates a large livable space that offers the best of both worlds. An extended sightline, sensory pleasures and greater square footage to entertain, are only a few of the many potential benefits.

Landscape designers and homeowners are quickly realizing the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. Awnings and pergolas are becoming a constant fixture in the plans and blueprints of outdoor living projects and a must-have in any new home. Pergolas are the most functional and stylish way to create and define an outdoor room. This outdoor structure can be retrofitted to accommodate any personal preferences, but perhaps more importantly, it is the perfect support for a retractable canopy.

The shade pergola option allows you to choose between an attached (to home) or stand-alone structure. In any case, both options afford a full measure of sun and rain protection with no dimensional limits, especially when equipped with a retractable ShadeFX canopy system. Attaching ShadeFX to an existing pergola takes all the best attributes of the awning and simply makes them better.

With the benefit of a stylish and architecturally complementary frame, the transition from indoor to outdoor living is a more natural and inviting experience. Walls disappear in favour of posts that not only serve support the structure but maintain the definition of space.

Your outdoor space can be attached to the home or stand alone in the garden, beckoning the homeowner to part with the surly bonds of brick and mortar and kiss the face of Mother Nature…. Er… Sorry about that.  Anyway…  A stand-alone pergola is nice to look at and a great destination for moments to spend with friends or guests.

You shouldn’t compare the impact of a large pergola with ShadeFX canopy to that of a typical awning or umbrella.  The scale of the covered space is what creates a critical mass of shade and dramatic decrease in temperature.  The sun no longer has the ability to heat the deck or patio surface, so radiated heat is eliminated and outdoor living is done in comfort and style.   Sudden showers and their attendant breezes are welcomed, adding a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor space because the ShadeFX canopy is designed to handle wind and rain.  So take your furniture covers, fold them up and put them away in the garage for the season.

Pour yourself a refreshing drink, start up the b-b-q, roll out the ShadeFX, kick up your feet up and relax.

Welcome to the ‘Awning’ of a New Age…Now that’s stylin’!