A pergola starts as a simple outdoor frame designed to define an outdoor space, growing into something much more. An example of such progress is this project in New Jersey for On the Border Restaurants. With the sprouting of strings of lights, fans, and yet to be installed flat screen TV’s, they needed retractable sun and rain protection.

Double C Canvas was assigned the task to solve this problem and the ShadeFX topside canopy system proved to be the perfect solution. It would cover everything when needed, without interfering with the accessories that grew in place.

These accessories are a critical element of the mood and atmosphere on this patio and the canopy, regardless of whether it is extended or retracted, does not affect this. Actually, because the canopy is behind the fans, the lights and the rafters and beams, it doesn’t get noticed at all. This is the ideal result for a topside canopy. It provides protection from sun and rain, with no impact on the appearance of the outdoor space.

One of the two canopies is 37’ long and uses our cable drive which was developed for canopies over 24’. The speed for canopies that are over 24’ is actually faster than our standard canopies thanks to an overdrive in the transmission. This extra speed comes in handy when the distance to open or close is so long.