Freestanding Canopy

Covering the Competition:
ShadeFX vs. Umbrellas

ShadeFX’s newest product is the Freestanding Retractable Canopy System.…

retractable canopies

Covering the Competition:
ShadeFX vs. Sun Sails

The latest backyard shade solution is tensioned fabric in triangular or…

Retractable Canopies

Covering the Competition:
ShadeFX vs. Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are considered a cheaper alternative to ShadeFX…

irregular pergolas

Retractable Shades Customized to Fit Irregular Pergolas

Who do you call when you build a pergola that isn’t perfectly square or…

Retractable Roof

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ShadeFX vs. Louvered Systems

There are several differences between our ShadeFX retractable roof and…


Covering the Competition:
How ShadeFX Stacks Up Against Alternatives

Still a relatively young company, ShadeFX debuted its patented single…

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza With a Side of Canopies

When it comes to gourmet pizza, few can dish it up like Boston Pizza. The…

outdoor kitchen

Four Benefits of Investing in an Outdoor Kitchen

Like any new addition to your home, an outdoor kitchen can be a big…


ShadeFX’s Top Picks for Unique Projects

There is customization found in almost every backyard design you’ll see.…

Adding Tech to Your Deck

Technology has become an increasingly trendy addition to outdoor living…